Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring Awakening.

In the mist of a white winter, one must look ahead to better things. Spring is six short weeks away and I'm thinking its time to start planning your colorful light Spring ensembles.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow's the word.

Well it seems to me that the East Coast has totally went white....with snow! Nothing ruins plans better than a totally white 2ft of solid material blocking your doors. But have no fear because Cheyenne is here! I have the perfect solutions to all snow in participants.

1) Pick your warmest pair of PJs. You arent there to look cute. The temps are dropping and that means you need some solid clothing.

2) Have a movie marathon. Yes, this is giving you permission to pull out your collection of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and whatever nerdy/totally amazing series that toots your horn. Nothing passes time like an adventure.

3) Txt that cutie you've had your eye on. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. A couple of icy days can be instantly warmed up by some steamy txts.....

4) Get with some comfort food. I've got my share of hot cocoa and warm delights. You've got a free pass on your diet. I wont tell if you don't.

5) Enjoy yourself. Relax. Take some time off. Don't just spend your time on Facebook whining about that party you missed. Who knows? Maybe while you are relaxing you will discover the cure for cancer!

Snow Ins arent just a burden but a blessing. Appreciate the time.

Happy Snow.